Not parting ways with PTI, says Asad Umar


ISLAMABAD: National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Finance Chairman Asad Umar on Tuesday rebuffed rumours of his leaving the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Talking to reporters after a meeting of the committee, Umar said that rumours in this regard are baseless and his loyalties are only with PTI.

Asad also vehemently denied a report in which he was quoted as saying that PM Imran wrongly opted for an IMF package when there were plenty of other options to ease the economic burden of the country.

He also said many of his statements were picked out of context, including the one related to the overvalued exchange rate.

Umar blamed former finance minister Ishaq Dar for bringing the economy to the verge of collapse through his erroneous economic policies.

“In fact, the exchange rate was artificially kept overvalued by the former finance minister, which took a heavy toll on the economy,” he explained.