White Lies


Some rumours of the Punjab’s former first lady Tehmina Durrani of having left the country. No such thing, apparently. Busy writing a book on the late national saint Abdus Sattar Edhi, while taking research notes from the indomitable (and national saint) Bilquis Edhi.

Durrani stays put in the country, enjoying what seems to be a happily married life.


A journalist once associated with two major news outfits is back in the US. Not exactly known for journalistic scruples, the fellow has recently come back under discussion because it was his reporting that was said to have egged on the then chief justice to cancel a major mining contract, the international arbitration of which has yielded a whopper of a $5.96 billion fine on the Pakistani government.

In any case, the fellow seemed to have the prime minister’s ear on the latter’s last visit to the US and boy, was he giddy. He even wrote an article about it and spread it around on WhatsApp. The headline alone sounds like copy written by a tween fanboy.