Opp failed in gathering momentum, says info minister


LAHORE: Information Minister Mian Aslam Iqbal on Thursday said that the opposition badly failed in gathering the general public, leaving the so-called leaders with no other option except hurling false allegations along with corruption files before the media.

He said that the opposition may oppose the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) will but if they are found opposing the country then they will be given a befitting reply.

While addressing an emergency press conference held at the DGPR here on Thursday, the minister said that ironically, those giving calls for black-day should inform the general public that they want to stage a protest because Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan has undertaken a successful visit to USA and the country’s narrative has been acknowledged at the international level.

He said that all attempts to provoke the traders’ community for the purpose of saving their corruption have met with utter failure.

“The general public of Lahore has rejected corrupt elements and declared their so-called black-day a ploy to save their corruption as Youm-e-Pannah. In all cities of Punjab, and especially in Lahore, the business life and traffic remained normal according to routine. The people of Pakistan have given the opposition a clear message that they want to run businesses and their loyalties are with Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government,” he said while adding that people repose their complete trust in the credibility of Prime Minister Imran Khan everywhere and there is not a single spot of corruption on him.

“Nawaz Sharif and company was tainted with stigma in the past and their present record is also labelled with corruption and a court stamp,” he said.

The information minister questioned how PML-N and PPP do not stop praising each other while only a year ago, their speeches made during general elections campaign were proving to be an embarrassment for both? “Both these parties have tried to prove each other very corrupt and also taunted each other of disqualification,” he stated.

He said that this is a unity between discarded and blotted opposition which will never meet with success.

He also said that people are siding with Imran Khan with a sense of pride and the narrative of Pakistan of discarding aid has also been widely acknowledged in USA which is the prime minister’s achievement.

He said that opposition is playing the politics of negative tactics but Pakistan has changed and corruption will not be concealed anymore.

“PM Imran has given such an awareness to the people of Pakistan under which they will never support such negative elements. The opposition may raise hue and cry of any intensity but accountability will be done indiscriminately,” he concluded.