Rana Sana confessed to drug smuggling, ANF claims


The Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF), in its challan submitted before the court, claimed that Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Punjab President Rana Sanaullah had confessed to involvement in drug smuggling, a local news outlet reported on Wednesday.

The challan quotes Rana Sana as saying that he had turned to drug smuggling soon after entering politics as his income was not enough and had developed links with the local drug mafia during his tenure as the Punjab law minister.

The challan also claims that Rana Sana told the anti-drug body that he had been fascinated by the way politicians had become billionaires through illegal means and started smuggling narcotics through his vehicles as nobody had the nerve to check his cars owing to his influential position. The challan further claims that the PML-N leader had told ANF that he had also been involved in smuggling drugs to different countries across the world.

The anti-drug body said that they had sent a team to intercept Rana Sana upon receiving a tip that the politician was travelling with drugs in his car on July 1. ANF said that they intercepted him before entering Lahore and discovered drugs and a pistol in his car but upon attempting to seize them, Rana Sana’s guards got into a scuffle with the team, leading to ANF detaining them.

ANF further claimed that the politician’s guards tried to escape with him but the team overpowered them and arrested them. ANF also attached documentary evidence along with the challan before the court.

Meanwhile, Rana Sanaullah’s wife Nabeela Sanaullah, while speaking to a local TV channel, denied the allegations against her husband, saying her husband was being framed. She also termed the arrest as an example of political victimisation.