Maryam says no to retrial, wants Nawaz’s acquittal


–PML-N VP says she has more videos, counter-evidence, but she will not use it to malign institutions

–Says her father being kept in inhumane conditions, will approach legal forum against treatment meted out to incarcerated PM


LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday demanded the acquittal of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who was sentenced for involvement in corrupt practices last year, instead of a retrial, saying that the leaked video of the judge was “evidence enough” to prove her father’s “innocence”

The PML-N leader was referring to a video produced by her in a press conference wherein the judge, who had sentenced Nawaz to jail, could be purportedly heard saying that he ruled against the ex-PM under duress. The judge has been since removed from the post and made an OSD [officer on special duty].

Speaking about the accountability judge, she said the judge should be put on trial after his video was brought forward by her party.

“I have more videos and proofs regarding the case,” said Maryam, adding that she didn’t to pick fights with any institution, but only to see her father come out of the jail.

“My purpose is not to malign anyone; I want to show that Mian Nawaz Sharif is innocent and that’s my sole purpose,” she said.

“For every question that the judge has raised in his affidavit, I have a response and rest assured I have counter-evidence,” said the PML-N leader.

“Neither I nor Nawaz Sharif watched the video that was used to blackmail the judge, but both of us promised to Allah that we won’t use that video against the judge.”

Speaking about the backlash she’s facing after releasing the video, she said the Supreme Court should take suo motu notice of the leaked video after she produced it in her press conference.

“I would reiterate that I do not want to make the remaining videos public. I am not like Imran Khan who tarnishes the name of institutions to hide his incompetence,” she said.

She also criticised the government for registering cases against people for participating in a PML-N rally.

“Imran Khan fears the public and that’s why 6,000 cases have been registered against the people of Mandi Bahauddin. That is unheard of in the history of Pakistan”.

It may be noted that the press conference was broadcast on-air by any TV channel in the wake of growing censorship.

“Due to pressure on the media their voices were being curbed down and that was an unfair act on the part of the government,” she added.

She said the government was afraid of PML-N exposing “hidden facts” which was the reason for curbs on media.

“It’s not just the responsibility of politicians to bring forward the truth. Media needs to play their part as well,” she said.

She said the PML-N is not threatened by the government. “They would get tired of arresting party leader, but the party won’t end.”

Speaking about her father’s health, she said Nawaz Sharif was not being given proper medical aid and treatment in jail.

“He is not allowed to have food from home and neither the temperature of the prison cell is being maintained,” said Maryam.

She said her father was being “held captive in the hands of his enemies who are toying with his life”.

She said according to her father’s medical reports showed to her by a jail doctor during her weekly visit, his blood sugar is consistently on the high side and that he should be admitted to a “hospital of his choice”.

Maryam claimed that the reports revealed that his blood sugar had consistently been on the high side and it had been recommended that he be immediately hospitalised “at a medical facility of his choice”.

The PML-N leader said that she had then inquired as to why she, as a family member, “was not informed that he has angina, his blood pressure is high, his blood sugar is on the rise, and his kidneys are deteriorating”.

“It was my right to know. You may not have informed him. He cannot do anything as it is since he is incarcerated, but you should have at least informed me, his daughter, or his brother.”

She said would approach courts over the treatment being meted out to her father.

She said Prime Minister Imran Khan on his visit to the United States had demonstrated his “pettiness” by constant reference to opposition instead of speaking about “national and international issues”.

“Instead of talking about national and international issues in the US, there were threats being issued that ‘I will put a stop to his food, I will take away his airconditioning’,” she added.