80pc Punjab government employees are non-filers


LAHORE: In order to keep a check on the income and assets of the government employees the government has made it compulsory for all the government employees to get themselves registered as tax filers by August 2 as 80 per cent of them are non-filers, Pakistan Today has learnt.

The government employees would be bound to declare all their assets and income along with the assets on the names of their husband or wife. All the government employees would have to declare their property, gold assets and other assets which could be and tangible expensive item or vehicles. All the government employees pay 100 percent tax on their salary but along with this they would have to declare the assets and income of their spouse.

The Accountant General Punjab Shuja Zaka has also issued orders to all the employees of the AG offices to declare their assets and become filers as soon as possible.

It was revealed through sources that the AG Punjab had a meeting with the Chairman FBR Shabar Zaidi after which the employees of almost 36 divisional offices under AG Office were directed to become filers and submit their tax returns.

While commenting on the matter the Accountant General Punjab Shuja Zaka said, ” As per the Income tax ordinance 2001 section 13 it is an offence if one is not a tax filer. We have directed all the employees to become filer as it is in the greatest interest of the country and economy. It is not only limited to government employees; all the citizens should be filers.”