White Lies


Yes, it’s a bizarre protocol, this whole business of the airports now wrapping all luggage items in plastic. Apparently, they say it’s for the safety of the contents of the luggage. The CAA already charges surcharges for taking care of our luggage. Seems strange.

But what has gotten people talking more than the practice itself is the award of this contract to a company owned by a retired Air Force three star officer.

Nothing to see here folks, we’re being told. Move along, move along.


The prime minister wants a bit of applause for cutting down the costs in his visit to the US. Specially the bit about using a commercial airline.

But the strategically leaked images show some rather plush business class seats and facilities. The man isn’t exactly ‘slumming it.’

Not begrudging him this stuff, of course. But if he really wanted some optics, why not go the whole nine yards just use economy class? Or not leak images, maybe.