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Pakistan, Afghanistan inseparable, says Shehryar Afridi

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for SAFRON and Narcotics Control Shehryar Khan Afridi on Thursday said that Pakistan is always ready to help out neighboring Afghanistan.

Afridi, while addressing a gathering, said that Pakistan had given great sacrifices for peace and prosperity in the region and continue to do so to the very day.

He said that the only thing Pakistan wants out of a good neighbor is respect, respect for its national flag and its armed forces.

He added that it was Afghanistan government’s responsibility to ensure that Afghanistan’s terrain was not used against Pakistan in any way.

“Our children died but we did not allow any aggression against Afghanistan from our borders, we have taken in their refugees and remained their providers for over three decades, other countries where refugees have taken asylum have changed their policies and tones completely, not us, we welcomed them and housed them with open arms,” said the Minister.

“We have sacrificed our all, even divided the bite our children take every day into multiple portions so that we could aid the hungry and impoverished, those who lost their all and found shelter in Pakistan,” he continued.

Afridi also said that the government has allowed Afghan nationals residing inside Pakistan to open bank accounts in their name to facilitate the transaction to their loved ones back in the war-torn country.

The minister expressed the firm resolve that Pakistan and Afghanistan have now united and no power on earth can separate the two.

Touching upon refugee repatriation, Afridi said: “We will not force anyone out from our country, those who want to leave can do so voluntarily.”

He forewarned the people that the enemies had long plotted to divide Afghans and Pakistani’s but the bond between the two countries and their history has brought them closer after a period of chaos and anarchy.

In closing he said, the countries have given up enough to move towards prosperity and are on the track to progress after years of hard work and dedication.

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