Private schools to move SC against PEIRA over ‘unlawful’ sealing


ISLAMABAD: Private Schools Association Islamabad (PSAI) President Dr Zofran Ilahi on Monday announced that the association would move the Supreme Court (SC) against Private Education Institutions Authority (PEIRA) for what he said was “unlawful sealing of private schools in the federal capital”.

He said that PEIRA has no authority to seal any school as the Islamabad High Court (IHC) had already struck down all provided powers in the Regulatory Act 2016 yet the authority had sealed three private schools over incomplete legal requirements.

Dr Ilahi said that it was a clear violation of IHC ruling; hence they will challenge this decision in apex court under Article 185 (3) of the constitution of Pakistan. “The bare perusal of the rules is unfair and unreasonable and also contrary to Article 18 of the constitution”, he said as he recalled the judgment.

He further stated that there were some unnecessary requirements in the challenged rules of the regulatory body, for instance, the renewal documents, obtaining of a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Capital Development Authority (CDA) and some other similar documentary requirements. “Such practices have nothing to do with monitoring or determining the quality of education and academic activities of the educational institutions,” he added.

He further added that in view of clear direction of the high court, PEIRA is not authorised to seal any private educational institutions or take any action against them at all as all rules have been declared arbitrary and unreasonable.

“On behalf of my association, which has membership of over 100 schools in the capital, I want to request the Supreme Court and other concerned quarters to take action against PEIRA’s illegalities,” the PSAI president said.