White Lies


The World Cup might not have yielded a victory for Pakistan but certainly has kickstarted the careers of some willing and unwilling social media influencers and memelords.

One are the ‘Inna nu pizzay khuwao’ brothers. Don’t be taken in by their L’hori frat boy demeanour. They’re smart. One studies at King’s College, where he heads the student union while the other one is over at the LSE. They are leveraging their social media presence well, by making several mainstream media appearances back here in Pakistan.

Then, there is the ‘disappointed bhai jaan’ a fellow who was frustrated at Asif Ali missing a sitter of a catch. He was angry, he later explained to his instant legion of fans, but he didn’t want to be angry in respect of the cricketer’s recent personal family tragedy. As opposed to the earlier mentioned brothers, this fellow didn’t want to become a star but has birthed a series of memes, in a format that won’t die anytime soon. One hopes the fellow gets some brand endorsement cash to compensate for this unwanted exposure.

The players themselves birthed the most memes, of course, specially the captain’s infamous yawn on the day of the Pak-India match. Even ‘cricket civilians’ who ordinarily don’t watch cricket at all, are full of excitement during Pak-India matches, wherever they are in the world, but our man found the event yawn-able while being on the ground itself.


A protest – successful one at that – across the country over rising prices, amongst other things.

Apparently the prices of roti, naan have gone up. The government, however, insists that this price hike hasn’t taken place.

Our very own Marie Antoinettes just might be in for a reckoning.