Video clip won’t help Nawaz, says Farogh Naseem


Federal Minister of Law Farogh Naseem told media on Saturday that the video brought in by PML-N vice president Maryam Nawaz won’t help her father to secure any kind of relief in the case.

He confirmed that the man talking to the Accountability Judge Arshad Malik, is a PMLN’s worker, Nasir Butt.

“If the video was available, why didn’t they produce it before the court,” he questioned, adding: “Nawaz Sharif will not get any benefit from the video.”

He defended the judge and said that instead of a presser, videos like these should be presented in the court of law. Judge Arshad Malik is an honest and responsible man, he further added.

He said that merely a random audio clip like this can’t alter the proofs that were submitted in court regarding colossal corruption committed by former premier Nawaz Sharif, London flats issue is still there no matter what the judge said in the clip.