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Ali Zafar concludes testimony, claims all accusers well acquainted with Nighat Dad

LAHORE: Ali Zafar completed his testimony today on the second day in the Lahore session court. In what was a grueling five-hour long session, he presented arguments of a criminal conspiracy against him for a common agenda.

“Meesha Shafi’s claim in her court testimony that the other women who came forward are unrelated is a complete lie. Our findings exposed that they were interlinked much before the allegations. The common link seems to be Nighat Dad. They were all either working with or for her,” he said.

“One such girl named Sofy on Twitter had written that I harassed her cousin backstage during a Shaukat Khanam fundraiser in Washington D.C. Naila Khan, the official representative of Shaukat Khanam, confronted her on Twitter saying that she was by my side the whole time and there was, in fact, no backstage at the venue in DC. Once her lie was caught, she deleted her tweet and we later found out that she was connected to Nighat Dad,” he added.

Maham Javed also made an unsubstantiated accusation related to her cousin. She has been actively working for Nighat Dad’s foundation for a number of years and moderated a conference for her NGO in Oct 2017.

“Similarly a girl with the Twitter user name Fay Alif accused me of harassing more than five girls at my A-levels institute. I never took A-levels. I did my F.A. from Government College,” he said while presenting his certificates.

“Fay Alif and Nighat Dad can be seen regularly communicating on Twitter prior to the accusation,” the singer said.

“A woman named Rameena posted on her Facebook that she had received a phone call from an unknown number where the woman on the other side aggressively tried to persuade her to accuse me of harassment because she saw her standing in a photograph next to me. She was so shocked that she posted the entire account on her Facebook wall.

“Similarly, many other women were unsuccessfully approached and coerced to build a false narrative against me. I was the target of a plan to launch the #Metoo movement in Pakistan so that Meesha could make a name for herself in the movement. Nighat Dad, who claims to be a cybercrime and harassment warrior, is involved in this crime herself. All this was done as part of a bigger plan to launch herself into prominence and for other gains which will reveal themselves in time in the court of law. All real and fake accounts have also been presented to the FIA for investigation.” he concluded.

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