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Hungary seeks to improve ties with Pakistan: Mayor Franka Tibor

ISLAMABAD: Through a proactive approach and improved engagement, bilateral relations between Hungary and Pakistan can be enhanced, said Franka Tibor, the Mayor of Kerepes, a Hungarian town, during his visit to Pakistan.

While talking to media, the ambassador, Mr. Istvan Szabo said that in this new era the international contacts are important elements of diplomacy. During the recent visit of the Hungarian Mayor to Pakistan, he has found new areas of bilateral cooperation, which can give new impetus to strengthen the ties with Pakistan.

Franka Tibor came to Pakistan to thoroughly discover it. During his visit, he visited a number of areas across Pakistan and educated himself in the local culture, trade, sports and history.

He went to see the Fort in Lahore and during that trip enjoyed the traditional food and historical buildings of the provincial capital of Punjab. He also showed interest in the rural life of Pakistan and visited the Saidpur village in Islamabad and then went to see the Faisal Mosque.

The ambassador said that the Mayor was informed about the bilateral relations between the two countries and about measures that can be taken to enhance cultural and sports cooperation. Budapest is interested in enhancing the cooperation in trade and economy with Islamabad, the mayor said in response. 

MOL Hungarian energy company is a significant energy provider to Pakistan and invested $2 billion in the last 20 years in the country. Hungary also offers 200 free scholarship every year to Pakistani students to study in Hungarian higher education institutes. The visiting Mayor also met with representatives of religious minorities, clergy, journalists and the diplomatic officials.

Mayor said that Hungary is a peaceful nation and truly believes that working along with Pakistan can promote a healthy and competitive environment for the development of both countries and its citizens.  

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