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PTI files plea for Talpur’s disqualification

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh chapter leaders have filed an application with the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) for disqualification of the PPP leader Faryal Talpur.

The application under Article 62 of the constitution of Pakistan was filed with the provincial election commissioner by PTI parliamentary leader in Sindh assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh and MPAs Arslan Taj and Rabia Azfar on Monday.

In the application, they maintained that as Talpur is no more remained Sadiq and Ameen, she should be disqualified under the article 62 of the constitution of Pakistan. They said Faryal Talpur did not declare her full assets. They said Faryal Talpur has properties in Larkana and Shahdadkot districts, which she hides from the election commission of Pakistan. She is also involved in fake bank accounts case, money laundering and corruption cases. She is no more qualified to become a member of Sindh assembly, they said.

Talking to media outside the ECP office, Sheikh said the PPP is considering whole Sindh as a cake to eat. However, we will not allow it to eat this cake. He said after disclosures about the hidden properties of Faryal Talpur, we have filed this application.

Sheikh said the PPP is a party of thieves and looters. He asked why Bilawal did not take notice when the money stolen from the funds for treatment of children of Thar was deposited in his bank account. He said the rulers of Sindh have already devoured Rs22billion in 2018. He said thirty-years have already passed and Bilawal has yet to wear a Shirwani. He said the PPP has engaged their women lawmakers in inappropriate talk in Sindh assembly.

He said the budget of Sindh was increased by Rs18 billion, but like the budget AIDS is also increasing in Sindh. He said the ministers of Sindh have also done corruption even in zakat and funds for the orphans and disabled people.  He said as per a report 80percent population in Sindh was compelled to drink gutter-mixed water. More than 5000 government schools are closed. In 70 percent of government hospitals there are no medicines for patients.

PTI MPA Arsilan Taj Ghuman said that Faryal Talpur made and hidden assets beyond her declared sources of income. He said an application is also filed with the speaker of Sindh assembly for her disqualification. He said this is a tale of corruption of the PPP during last 11-years. He said if the speaker of Sindh assembly showed biasness, the ECP may disqualify Talpur in 30-days.

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