Hamza denies discord in Sharif family


LAHORE: Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shehbaz on Monday rejected reports that serious differences had surfaced in the Sharif family over the party’s affairs.

While addressing a press conference, Shehbaz said that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) belongs to Nawaz Sharif and we all follow his narrative. “There may be differences arising in other parties but PML-N is united under Nawaz Sharif,” he further said.

He said that PM Imran is a selected PM and if this title bothers him then he should consider covering his ears.

While speaking on the economy, he said that the PTI government is completely responsible for the mess and very soon they’ll face the public’s ire.

He told media that PTI has not fulfilled even one promise and the day they would be able to deliver half of what PML-N delivered in its tenure, people will start accepting Imran a leader.