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Green shirts under ‘cloud of uncertainty’: Sethi

Former chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Najam Sethi has said that the present cricket team is under clouds of uncertainty and players are feeling threatened about their future.

In an informal conversation with a private media outlet on Thursday in London, the seasoned journalist claimed the “current PCB management is not supporting the team the way it should”.

“Everyone is disappointed at the way team has performed in the World Cup [so far] but one shouldn’t press the panic button,” he said.

“The PCB isn’t supporting the team and management the way it should be. Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed, coach Mickey Arthur and at least two other players are insecure about their future,” Sethi said, adding that it is the job of the board to keep the team united.

He also criticized the cricket governing body for issuing a statement on the team’s performance mid-tournament, adding that Prime Minister Imran Khan should not have given guidance in public.

“No matter how much cricket one has played, a prime minister shouldn’t be saying things to a captain publicly. If he had to say anything to him, he should have conveyed to him privately,” Sethi said.

“It brought Sarfaraz in unnecessary pressure and criticizing for not listening to the advice,” he added.

Sethi went on to add that the cricket committee’s statement before the tournament has also damaged the team environment.

The former chairman added that players have now hired PR agents to stay connected at the power corridors.

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