Govt files complaint with BBC over ‘WC 2019: India beat Pak by 89 runs’ report


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The Government of Pakistan has launched a formal complaint with the state-owned British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over its report titled ‘WC 2019: India beat Pak by 89 runs.’

A letter of complaint issued by the External Publicity Wing of the Information Ministry acquired by The Dependent stated that BBC English and BBC Urdu both had published a story which “not only presented a fabricated theme, but also violated journalistic ethos”.

“Instead of seeking a version from the PCB, the Information Ministry or the ISPR, the BBC simply only reported what they saw on the stadium,” it said.

“The story also violates BBC’s editorial policy by not incorporating the point of view of all stakeholders/citing credible sources/quoting authentic evidence etc,” it continued, adding that it amounted to “indicting Team Pakistan for so-called ‘sluggish fielding, batting lineup collapse and unfocused bowling’ without any cogent evidence”.