Cheated by a Pakistani lover, Indonesian woman leaves Pakistan


LAHORE: A disheartened Indonesian woman left Pakistan on Wednesday after being cheated by a Pakistani man, who lured her through a famous social networking website with a promise of a ‘bright future.’

Murnianingsih Nannag Syarif, 37, reached Lahore on May 13 to marry a Bahawalpur man she befriended and then fell in love with on Facebook.

The man married her in Lahore and didn’t take her to his native town. After a few days, he claimed that he was unable to afford her and parted ways.

Later, the man left her at the Lahore Airport and fled with the cash she brought with her from Indonesia.

After three days of wait and anxiety, she finally accepted reality and asked her family to send some money so that she can buy the return ticket.

Syarif’s family promptly transferred the required money and she finally departed from Pakistan this morning.

In recent few years, the number of foreign women falling in love with Pakistani men has increased and have resulted in marriages.