Uninterrupted cricket washes out scheduled rain


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

TAUNTON – Uninterrupted cricket poured down on Wednesday to completely wash out the hopes of rain in Taunton. The nonstop cricket match between Pakistan and Australia, as part of the ongoing ODI Cricket World Cup in England, ruined the entire day’s worth of playing in rain for many of the local residents.

Speaking to The Dependent, the locals said they were left disappointed by the cricketfall after their plans for the day had to be cancelled.

“We planned the day ages in advance, given that we were told it was going to rain today. It was in the schedule for today and now the entire plan to play in the rain is ruined,” said Gary Hales, 41, a father of two.

Locals are especially upset at those organising the rain to keep in mind that this is the time of the year when there is cricket fall as well.

“How hard is it to plan the rainfall so that there is a reserve day as well? If there’s just too much rain to be stuffed into a single month, maybe plan less days of rain? But it’s totally unfair that after announcing the schedule in advance, people have to cancel their plans because the cricket just won’t stop,” said Elizabeth O’Connor, 32, a rain tour organiser.

It’s not just the locals who have been left disappointed by the cricket. Many had come from other parts of the world.

“We did have other plans for today, but once the cricket started we sort of hoped that rain would go ahead as scheduled and not be abandoned,” said Sarfraz Ahmed, 32, a tourist from Pakistan.