Influencers Shan, Veena take voluntary pay cut in upcoming budget


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Amid the national austerity drive currently being undertaken by the PTI government under which even the armed forces have refused the annual 10% hike in their budget, social media influencers Shan Shahid and Veena Malik have announced a voluntary pay cut in the upcoming budget as well.

Speaking with the Dependent Shan explained that, “it was his national duty to share the burden of the tough economic conditions the country was going through”. The veteran actor’s commitment to his work was on full display as his twitter account was being continuously updated with quotes from famous war generals although his cellphone was nowhere near his person.

“Not only will I be taking a pay cut this year but every year until each and every corrupt ruler and his corrupt (by extension) children are behind bars for good and all their looted wealth is back in Pakistan”, a charged up Veena Malik commented on her decision while throwing darts at an obviously photoshopped picture of Mariam Nawaz to makae her look at least 20 years older.

At time of writing Cynthia- not a journalist- Richie another influencer also announced taking a similar pay cut.