Former rulers burdened every child with debt, says Buzdar


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Monday said that former rulers weren’t working in the interest of the country and as a consequence of their ill actions now every child is burdened with debt.

In a statement issued on Monday, he said that the past governments took loans in the name of people, but the amount ended up in their own wallets.

He further maintained that everyone is well-aware that PTI inherited failed institutions and a barely breathing economy.

Those who are responsible for these acts must not consider themselves absolved, the way they impeded the growth and prosperity is criminal and soon they will be held answerable, he added.

He told that PTI has taken some bold decisions regarding the economy of Pakistan and soon people will see all our efforts and hard work taking the country to new heights.

“We are always striving for solving public problems and every step of the government is devoted to providing a better future to the nation,” he said.

Buzdar also claimed that local bodies system will provide relief to the common man everywhere.

He said: “This is the change for which people have given votes to the PTI and brought it into the power. We are all answerable to the people and no undue delay, negligence, and leniency will be tolerated in the solution of public problems.”

The CM said, “Better services to the people will be ensured at every cost as it is the time to deliver to the general public by working hard. Police and administration will have to improve the governance structure with their coordinated efforts and innovative work will be done so as to bring ease in the life of the common man.”

No one will be allowed to interfere in the mission of public service, he added.


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