Cyclone alert issued for Arabian Sea by Pak Met Dept


KARACHI: Pakistan Meteorological Department’s (PMD) Tropical Cyclone Centre has issued a warning about a forthcoming cyclone developing in the Arabian Sea.

The alert issued by the Met Department has forecasted high sea tides and strong winds.

Yesterday’s low-pressure area prevailing over the southeast and East Central Arabian Sea has turned into a depression.

This will lead to deeper depression and would most likely would result in a cyclone storm during the next 24 hours.

Moreover, Director PMD Abdul Rasheed warned that the temperature in Karachi can rise significantly up to 38 C in the next two days.

He further said that the rise in temperature in Karachi in this and next two months is a normal thing and happens every year with routine.

However, due to the development of cyclone in the Arabian Sea, the weather in the city can become further hot and due to the low humidity in the air, it’ll be scorching.

The Cyclone Warning center added that the tropical cyclone does not pose any threat to the coastal areas of Karachi, but fishermen have been warned to stay away from the sea for at least the next 36 hours.