SHC rejects govt request to defer hearing on hike in fuel prices


KARACHI: A Sindh High Court on Thursday rejected government request to defer hearing of a petition against the recent hike in prices of petroleum products.

A bench comprises of Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and Justice Agha Faisal heard petition filed by Iqbal Kazmi against hike in petroleum prices.

The bench expressed its disappointment over the federal petroleum ministry’s failure to submit a reply in the court.

Getting a reply from Islamabad has become a problem for the court, Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar remarked. The court had earlier summoned reply on another petition but they didn’t answer and submit the reply only after the court issued arrest warrants of the secretary, the Justice said.

“(What do you think) the bench summon the Secretary Petroleum”, the court asked in an interchange with the government counsel. “The Islamabad people don’t give heed to any notice from Sindh High Court,” the bench remarked.

The bench also rejected the government lawyer’s request to postpone the hearing of the petition. Justice Mazhar told the council to ask petroleum ministry the reason behind not submitting reply in the court.

“The case proceedings will continue even the petroleum ministry wouldn’t file its reply,” Justice Mazhar remarked.

Petitioner Iqbal Kazmi said that the petroleum ministry, federal government, and other parties were issued notices by the court and demanded the mechanism, which followed for the hike in petroleum products prices. He said the petrol prices will again increase on June 1st. Despite petition in the court, the fuel prices are being enhanced.

He termed a recent increase in fuel prices equal to clash with the judiciary.