Sponsored Content: Consumers rejoice over Sriracha Sauce

  • Kanas incurs appreciation with the exclusive launch of the world-famous savor for the first time


Kanas owns a distinguished position in the list of renowned condiment brands in the country. As an outcome of perseverance and hard work, Sriracha sauce (widely known as the rooster sauce) has been launched in Pakistan for the first time exclusively by Kanas (Pvt) Ltd. Sriracha sauce is famous globally because of its unique, sweet and tangy taste resulting from a perfect blend of pepper chilies and sugar.

Continuing its tradition of providing different and exciting flavors, Sriracha sauce is bound to make this Ramadan zestful. Kanas is the incarnation of purity which continues to reflect in this relish. Prepared with carefully selected best quality ingredients, bringing forth a flavor richly rooted in Thai culinary, Kanas knows how to deliver appetizing sauces to its customers.

Sriracha sauce was dispatched in some Tehzeeb outlets, receiving admiration from all sides. Customers from various age groups shared their delightful experiences. Miss Seher thanked Kanas for producing a condiment up to her taste. Mrs. Tariq, an avid customer, described how the sauce turned out with various Iftaar items. Miss Attia appreciated Kanas for bringing another succulent flavor. Miss Bushra shared how delicious the pakoras tasted when dipped in Sriracha sauce. The significant rise in Sriracha’s popularity validates another successful experiment by Kanas.

CEO Kanas, Mr. Usman Khalil Noon, shared a few words on this noteworthy achievement, “Our dream, to be the best we can be and do the best we can, dawned upon us when we painstakingly put together the best recipe to extract the best sauce from the finest ingredients.”

Emphatically, Sriracha sauce will add to the joys of this blessed month by doubling the gusto of Iftaar. Its unique savor is guaranteed to tempt both youth and elderly alike, making their meals piquant. Kanas proves its worth and value again with another zesty relish in the range of condiments.