Judges face misconduct reference over undeclared foreign properties


Two senior judges have come under fire as the incumbent government on Tuesday filed a misconduct reference against them for possessing undeclared foreign assets, according to a report in the local media.

Reportedly, President Arif Alvi filed the reference against the judges who possess undeclared foreign properties themselves or through their spouses. However, it is unclear whether the reference has been received by the Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) as there is no official confirmation from that end.

The wife of one of the judges owns a property in Spain which was not declared in the wealth statement of the judge. It is unclear whether the tax records list the spouse as the judge’s dependent or not.

According to reports, the reference was prepared within the Law Ministry with help from a former apex court judge. The government has also registered a complaint against some high court judges who own foreign properties.

The legal fraternity has started consultations over the matter and has urged that the seriousness of the charges must be kept in mind before such references are filed as the Article 209 of the Constitution allows judges to be removed over misconduct.