PTI policies will curb differences between developed, undeveloped Punjab areas: CM | Pakistan Today

PTI policies will curb differences between developed, undeveloped Punjab areas: CM

LAHORE:  Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman said that-now started-voyage of public service now will never stop. We are establishing such Pakistan which was the dream of Quaid-e-Azam.

He said that we are more focused on practical rather than hollow claims. He said that he wants to see every area of Punjab developed and prosperous. The difference between developed and underprivileged areas will be rooted out in the tenure of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf, he claimed and added further that people of the far-flanged area will cherish the same facilities as that of people of Lahore.

CM  further said that we don’t have any agenda other than public service. During previous governments, personal interests were prioritized over public interest and now the public is paying back for their mistakes.

Government institutions were destroyed by corruption, inefficiency and wrong policies.  He said that governments kept on changing in our country but miseries of our people remained constant nevertheless the government of PTI has taken robust steps to improve the living standard of a common man who was badly ignored in past and was deceived in the name of Roti, Kapra and Makan. He said that center of attention in the policies of PTI government is a common man as we came into power with this agenda of his welfare and will his living standard.

He stressed that resources of Punjab will now only be spent for the welfare of the public. He said that the time of turning dreams into reality has come now and we all have to play our part for the formation of New Pakistan. He said that we are paying special attention to the education and health sector as they are the basic necessities of life and we will meet the commitment of solving public issues.

He said that the voyage of change will always be hindered but we will not lose heart and will keep on struggling for better.  He said that we have fewer resources and a huge amount of issues but our passion is more than them all so we will not tolerate any obstruction in the destination of New Pakistan. CM said that he is visiting remote Tehsils and Districts of Punjab and this process will keep on going.

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