Education Ministry starts registration of seminaries


ISLAMABAD: As part of the government’s campaign to register seminaries across Pakistan, the Ministry for Federal Education and Professional Training has started taking necessary measures to link all seminaries with the ministry.

Sources said that the ministry has decided to set up ten directorates across the country for the registration of seminaries, while one directorate would be established in the federal capital as an overseeing authority.

A grade 21 officer would be hired as a director general to run the office of the federal directorate of seminaries.

Sources also revealed that at least four directors would be hired in the departments including finance, registration, and examination coordination.

The staff of these departments would work as public sector employees and the education ministry would bear their expenses.

“Around two registration centres would be established in each province while one each would be in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) and Gilgit-Baltistan (GB),” sources said.

“The Model Religious Seminaries and their board would be transferred from the Ministry of Religious Affairs to the education ministry by next week. However, the induction of a Madrassa Board chairman would also be made possible through a legal process,” they added.

They further added that three model religious seminaries established in Islamabad, Sakkur and Karachi would also be handed over to the education ministry.

Facilities like the provision of modern education, books, concerned material and the salaries of the teachers would be provided by the government. However, the teachers would be inducted with joint consultation of the concerned directorates established in the provinces and the Madaaris administration.

Moreover, funds for the project would be demanded in line with the supplementary grant after the budget of 2019-2020.

In this regard, the ministry of education has prepared a comprehensive policy for linking the Madaaris with the education ministry for the first time in history.