‘Liar liar’: Ali Zafar’s witness rejects Meesha’s harassment claim | Pakistan Today

‘Liar liar’: Ali Zafar’s witness rejects Meesha’s harassment claim

In an update on the sexual harassment charges on Ali Zafar, a second witness from his side, who was present at the jam session where singer Meesha Shafi alleges the incident took, recorded her statement at a lower court in Lahore o Saturday.

Additional Sessions Judge Amjad Ali Shah presided over the hearing.

While Meesha’s counsel once against opposed the idea of recording witnesses on Saturday morning, Munir was able to give her testimony under oath. She said there were 10-11 people present at the jam where Meesha cordially hugged Ali.

She further stated that no such event as Meesha claims transpired at the said jamming session and claimed that Meesha’s claims were ‘false’ as she was present there with other people.

Earlier last week, another witness from Zafar’s counsel, Baqir Abbas, had recorded his statement stating the same whereas, Zafar has also posted screenshots of Meesha’s text message to him in which she said she “had a great time jamming and performing” with him.

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