174 social media accounts blocked for defaming anti-polio drive


The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked 174 social media accounts for promoting the content against the ongoing anti-polio drive in the country.

According to BBC, 130 accounts of Facebook, 14 accounts of Twitter and 30 video blogs of Youtube were blocked by the authority.

Social media giant Facebook Inc. also assured that it was “fully committed” to the safety of Pakistani users of its platforms and was taking steps to reduce misinformation about anti-polio campaigns as Pakistan makes a final push to eradicate the disease, Arab News reported.

The focal person of polio eradication in Pakistan, Babar Atta, had requested “Facebook’s management to block and/or manage the dissemination of such anti-vaccination propaganda from their platforms operating from within Pakistan”.

Polio vaccination campaigns have faced stubborn resistance for years in Pakistan. Lately, Peshawar was gripped in panic in late April as rumours spread like a wildfire that the anti-polio vaccine had caused children to fall ill and faint in several areas of the city.

It was reported that at least 700 schoolchildren fell sick after polio vaccination in Peshawar causing an attack on a hospital in the city by an angry mob.

Later, the mishap turned out to be a ‘pre-planned’ conspiracy against the anti-polio drive by the committee who was tasked to probe the matter.