5, types #FourthMostIntelligentNation in comments section to see full picture of woman


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The world’s fourth most intelligent nation has typed ‘5’ in the comments section of a Facebook post to see the full picture of a woman that was otherwise blurred and incomplete.

The nation, ranked as the fourth most intelligent nation on the face of the planet by truths3Ekerz.ag, confidently and promptly typed ‘5’ in the comments section of the Facebook post that had directed the readers to do so in order to see the complete, clear photo of the woman who was featured in the original image. The instructions had further informed the readers that the complete image would ‘amaze them.’

“I saw the opportunity and went for it,” said Raees Ahmed, an accountant and resident of Rawalpindi, displaying not just the gumption and proactivity that is the hallmark of the aforementioned intelligent nation, but also an innate intelligence that outstrips that of the citizens of other nations in the region, many times over.

“The instructions were clear,” said Mubashir Zaidi, another resident of the gifted nation, being humble about the protocol which would have been difficult for the residents of other nations (barring the three above the nation) to follow and execute.

“What is this? My comment has shown up, but the image remains the same,” exclaimed Zaidi, shortly afterwards. “I see other people, scores of them, have also typed 5. I think I should message all of them and see if there is some problem.”