Talks between PCB and Younis Khan on Under-19 role fall through


LAHORE: A plan to involve Younis Khan, Pakistan’s highest run-scorer in Test cricket, in the country’s Under-19 coaching set-up has fallen through after the former captain and the PCB failed to reach an agreement. One of the sticking points, ESPNcricinfo understands, had to do with finances, while the other was with the job profile, as the PCB had proposed Younis only be a mentor and a coach, but he wanted a say in selection as well.

The proposal to bring Younis into the system following his retirement two years go was initiated by Ehsan Mani, the PCB chairman, who wished to have a modern cricketer to work with the youngsters, somewhat along the lines of the role played by Rahul Dravid in India, though he is also the coach of the India A side. The idea was to try and develop the new lot of junior cricketers early on in their journey towards the top tier, unlike in the past, when coaches from the domestic level have been given charge, that too usually months before an Under-19 World Cup.

The choice of Younis wasn’t a straightforward one, as he has had a frayed relationship with the PCB over the years. And it’s believed that various senior PCB officials had expressed their reservations, some even refusing to deal with Younis directly.

PCB managing director Wasim Khan eventually had a number of meetings with Younis, but it came down to a question of money – Younis’ demand was too hefty for the PCB. There was also the other factor: Younis wanted to be involved in selection affairs, which the PCB didn’t want. The last meeting was over three weeks ago, and the two parties parted ways after that.

Neither Younis, nor the PCB agreed to comment on the matter, but the board did confirm that they had been in talks.