Govt launched 36 public welfare projects in 8 months, PM claims


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led federal government launched as many as 36 public welfare projects within a short span of eight months.

The prime minister in a statement said the government made all-out effort to implement its manifesto.

He said the government accelerated work on some key projects to boost economic growth and launched a programme named “Ehsas” for alleviation of poverty for the first time. This programme will help provide healthcare, education and jobs to the poor, he said.

PM Khan said the state will fulfill needs of the underprivileged segment of society and that the utilisation of government resources in an organised manner would be ensured for public welfare.

He said efforts are being made to promote tourism in the country at international level.

The prime minister said the PTI government introduced a new local government system to empower the people.

Last month, PM Khan had released a policy statement on Ehsaas programme, elaborating four focus areas and 115 policy actions, including pro-poor goals.

“I am pleased to release my policy statement on Ehsaas, my priority, poverty reduction programme with its four focus areas and 115 policy actions to reduce poverty, invest in people and uplift lagging districts,” he tweeted.

The Prime Minister Office released 15-page document on policy statement. “Ehsaas is the biggest and the boldest programme for the poor ever launched in Pakistan. The government looks forward to working with all stakeholders – public, private, civil society, philanthropists and expatriate Pakistanis – to ensure that we deliver on our promise of lifting millions of people out of poverty and build a strong foundation together for a stronger, safer and successful Pakistan,” the policy statement says.