Senate passes bill to amend Election Act


ISLAMABAD: The Senate on Wednesday passed a bill to amend the election act 2017 with majority votes.

Federal minister for parliamentary affairs Azam Khan Sawati presented the bill to the house.

Explaining the amendment, the minister said that the bill is about an insertion of article 2-A in the act which the National Assembly has already passed. He said the new insertion deals with the issue of delimitation of the constituencies.

He said that the elections are going to be held in sixteen constituencies of erstwhile Federally Administrated Tribal Areas (FATA) in the coming days and the election commission of Pakistan has to work a lot in this regard.

He requested the house to pass the bill as early as possible keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue.

Leader of the house in the senate, Shibli Fraz also requested the senate to pass the bill for smooth conduct of the elections in FATA areas.

He said that the National Assembly has already passed the bill therefore there is no point to delay the matter.