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Drunk man charged with beating girlfriend to death in Dubai

A Dubai businessman is facing a premeditated murder charge after allegedly beating his girlfriend to death while under the influence of alcohol, Khaleej Times reported.

The 40-year-old Lebanese man is accused of beating his girlfriend repeatedly, which caused multiple injuries including a skull fracture and severe bleeding. The incident occurred last year in July at the victim’s apartment.

The alarm was raised by the victim’s friend and co-worker after she went to her apartment and found her body covered in blood.

“She did not report to work which made the manager request me to check on her. I went with a friend to her place after learning that her sister could not reach her either. The security guard led us outside her flat. The door was open and everything looked normal. However, as we entered the bedroom, we found her lying on the bed. We thought she was sleeping until we saw the blood,” said the 28-year-old Lebanese saleswoman.

The forensic report states the cause of death as brain injury and haemorrhage resulting from a severe beating.

The man has denied the charge, claiming he did not mean to kill the victim.

The accused has been referred to Dubai’s Court of Misdemeanors for consuming liquor without a permit. The trial continues.

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