Power Division claims zero shortfall of electricity in country


ISLAMABAD: The Power Division of the Ministry of Energy on Tuesday claimed zero shortfall of electricity in the country.

Power Division spokesman Zafaryab Khan in a statement said that overall power demand in the country remains at 18,908 megawatts, while 20,300 megawatt electricity being generated.

The spokesman claimed zero shortfall of electricity in the country, adding that the power distribution companies are implementing load management in Ramzan according to a prior announced schedule.

Despite tall claims of the authorities several localities in port city of Karachi were deprived of electricity at Sehri on 1st Ramzan.

Unannounced power outages reported in several localities of Karachi, including Malir, North Nazimabad, Liaquatabad, Gulbahar and other parts of district central of the city.

However, the K-electric spokesman claimed no load shedding in the city, adding that there might be localized faults and the power utility’s staff is present to address them.

The federal government’s power division in April announced to take strict action against electricity defaulters countrywide.

“The electricity distribution companies are actively engaged in this regard,” the statement issued by the Power Division read.

Comprehensive lists of running and dead or disconnected defaulters containing their complete information were prepared by the DISCOs.

In the first phase, lists of all defaulters above one million rupees across the country published after the deadline of 30th April.

The lists were also posted on websites of concerned DISCOs and Power Information Technology Company website.