Control rooms set up in federal capital to monitor prices


ISLAMABAD: District management Islamabad Capital Territory has established a control room at Deputy Commissioner Office to monitor prices.

A spokesman of district management warned profiteers stern action and asked the people to inform authorities at 051-4867762; 051-9108084 in case of any complaint against the shopkeepers.

The spokesman urged people to follow rate lists issued by Islamabad Market Committee.

According to a spokesman, the rate list of vegetables in Islamabad except for Jinnah Super, Super and Kohsar markets are as follows: Potato Rs 18/24 per Kg, Onion Rs 50/60, Tomato Rs 54/66, Ginger Rs 205/175, Ginger (Thai) Rs165/195, Garlic (Desi) Rs 110/155, Lemon Rs 295/340, Lady Finger Rs 90/110, Pumpkin Rs 50/60, Brinjal Rs 34/40, Peas Rs 95/120, Fresh Bean Rs 92/118, Tenda (Walaiti) Rs 34/40, Cucumber Rs 39/44, Capsicum Rs 85/98, Green Chilli Rs 65/90, Cauliflower Rs 66/77, Cabbage Rs 55/66, Bitter Gourd Rs 57/68, Green Zucchini Rs 55/65, Spinach Rs 11/15, Maroo Rs 34/44,Radish Rs 27/36, Yam Rs 85/98, Carrot (China) Rs 40/49, Chicken Rs 180 and Eggs 77 per dozen.

Likewise, he said that rates of fruit per kilogram of high and medium quality in Islamabad are as follows: Apple Golden Rs 125/180,Apple (White) Rs 90/120,Apple (Ambri) Rs85/125, Banana Pak Rs 98/140, Guava Rs 68/95, Sugar Cane Pieces Rs 58/74, Loquat Rs 72/92, Sapodilla Rs 110/145,Papaya Rs 115/155, Strawberry Rs 100/150, Kino Special Rs 190/240,Melon Rs 55/72, White Melon Rs 52/68,Water Melon Rs 24/32.