Shaam Idrees’ wife Froggy ‘punched in face’ in Karachi


The ongoing feud between Youtubers Shaam Idress and Ducky Bhai reached to a new level when an individual ‘punched Shaam’s wife Froggy in face’.

In a video going on social media, Shaam Idrees can be seen getting angry over the mob in a shopping mall in Karachi, apparently, after someone attacked his wife.

In a YouTube video, Froggy shared the details of the incident claiming that during their meet and greet, a fan of Ducky Bhai attacked her and ran away. “What I have done to deserve this,” asked Froggy, adding she didn’t expect Saad or his followers to spread this much hate.

“This time I was punched by a Ducky bhai fan and this time, I am asking for your help,” she said.


It was rumoured that Ducky bhai was behind this attack but he quickly denied any involvement in this by tweeting, “Just heard about the assault on Froggy at Sham’s meet & greet today. This type of disgusting behaviour should never be tolerated at any cost, especially on a woman. Fans should enjoy the occasion by staying in their limits. This is not what I or any other YouTuber encourage to do.”