Angry worker or news story? Geo News’ ‘Tankhwa Nahi Daey Saktay’ tweet starts debate on SM


A tweet on Saturday by official Twitter handle of Geo News started a debate on social media as people thought it was done by a disgruntled for not being pay for last few months.

The tweet “*Tankhawa Nahi Dey Saktay Tou Kaam Kyun Kerwaatay Ho* (Why u take work when you can’t pay)” was thought to be a protest by an employee in the context of current electronic and print media circumstances. Numerous reports have highlighted the current plight of media workers and journalists as they have not been paid for the last few months-four-to-five months in some cases.

There are several protests against this as the situation has worsened for media employees as the situation is similar in almost all media organisations.

The tweet, however, started a debate as some called it part of a news story regarding a labourers’ strike while some called it a ‘stunt’ by Geo News for getting retweets and traffic on their social media account.

The current employees of the news network rejected the tweet as a protest stating that it was a news story while sharing a ticker of Geo News. “The tickers and Twitter accounts of Geo News are synched, hence, the ticker as it is on the Twitter account,” one wrote.

While slamming the organization’s heads, one wrote: “So Geo knew this Tweet would get retweets because of the current situation. The management decided it was ok to use the misery of their employees to get more hits. Nice.”