SHC rejects police report in four ‘missing persons’ case


KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday rejected the police report regarding four missing persons including a head constable of Karachi Central Jail police in Uzair Bloch case.

The police submitted a report in the high court that Lyari gangster Uzair Jan Baloch had allegedly killed four missing’ persons after the abduction, a two-judge bench of the Sindh high court headed by Justice Naimatullah Phulpoto summoned provincial home secretary in the case on May 30.

The bench took up a petition seeking whereabouts of a head constable of the jail police and his three friends, who reportedly went missing in 2010 near the central prison.

The petition was filed in 2011 regarding the alleged disappearance of Lala Amin, a head constable of the jail police, Ghazi Khan, Sher Afzal and Shiraz Khan in the jurisdiction of the New Town police station in 2010.

The court ordered the production of Uzair Baloch adding that he is wanted but police could not record his statement.

The police report said that a letter has been written to the Ministry of Defence for handing over the custody of Uzair Baloch.

The police report also claimed that all the four missing persons had been killed by Uzair and his accomplices and he had confessed to that fact in his confessional statement recorded by a judicial magistrate.