Looking for quality content? KahaniSaaz has something in store for you!


In the era of the digital wave and fast communication, while the world is focusing on going viral and generating clicks, ignoring the quality of the content, a new wave of emerging artists under the banner of KahaniSaaz is ready to change the spectrum.

A filmmaking startup, KahaniSaaz is determined to set new standards in the Pakistani entertainment industry. ‘A new wave cinema’ as Naveed Akbar, co-founder and producer of KahaniSaaz calls it.

“Our fuel is new and raw talent,” says Naveed.

The company has produced six short films so far on genres ranging from philosophy to comedy. These films will premiere on its Youtube channel by the name “KahaniSaaz”, with at least one release per month. Many more are under production, including music videos of new and emerging singers.

The first teaser is said to be released on 10th May 2019. Meanwhile, its introductory video, which is a collage of the six upcoming short films, is out on Youtube, titled, ‘KahaniSaaz, The Journey Begins’. It can be viewed under the following link:


Fatima Asad, co-founder and director at KahaniSaaz is confident that the films will receive a positive response from the viewers.

“Our work speaks for itself,” she says, “ We are focusing on the audience that has been neglected by the entertainment industry of Pakistan so far. Either you see oppressed women buried in a bottomless pit of abuse and violence or you see meaningless stuff going viral. But we at KahaniSaaz have something unique to give to the audience,” she adds.

It all started after Naveed Akbar conducted an acting workshop at Olomopolo where he discovered some hidden talent of Pakistan that was full of potential. It only lacked the opportunity. After a gap of one year, he along with his two students, Fatima Asad and Affan-ul-Haq, joined together to tell stories through short films and music videos.

Laeeq Ahmed, a friend of Naveed who had been working with him previously, became their backbone, assisting them in artwork and production management. They were further joined by other amazing writers, musicians and actors in their journey.


A writer, director and actor with 20 years experience in the industry, Naveed Akbar has also co-starred with Resham and Ayub Khoso in Phida Hussain’s Sawarangi.

The team first made itself public on 19th April 2019, at its launch event called, “Qissa-e-Kahanisaaz” held at Olomopolo of Kanwal Khoosat.

It introduced itself through theatrical performance and premiered promos of its short films. The event was a blend of theatre and film and to everyone’s surprise, it received an overwhelming response from the audience. The show was hosted by RJ Shahpara Saleem and concluded by a musical performance by Saad Hussain, a singer and musician who has also acted in one of KahaniSaaz’s short film, “Changezi Mohabbat”.



“Striving to present the Pakistani media with some unique content and exhibiting fresh talents, the team of KahaniSaaz truly deserves appreciation as a result of their unmatchable potential and hard work,” says Amna Riaz, a clinical psychologist and a student of UCP, who was present at Qissa-e-Kahanisaaz and enjoyed all the promos and the theatrical performances by the team.

“It has been an amazing experience with the most down to earth artists I have ever known. KahaniSaaz is a channel providing people with pure and marvellous artistic skills with their talents. So for all the people out there waiting for some actual entertaining content, do follow and subscribe KahaniSaaz on YouTube.” she adds.



After its launch at Olomopolo, the company also received positive recommendations on its Facebook page.

“KahaniSaaz is a place where intellect meets talent and excellence meets new standards. It is a place for actors, directors, writers, singers, musicians and all the creative minds that see the world from a different perspective,” says Naveed.

“We want to represent the thoughts and psyche of a common man through our work,” he adds.

KahaniSaaz is looking forward to making an impressive entrance in the Pakistani mainstream industry of filmmakers. “We want to represent Pakistan on both national and international level,” says Fatima.

“It is also a small step by us towards reviving the film industry of Lahore, the origin of Lollywood,” she adds.