Three arrested for luring youth to drugs, making indecent videos


FAISALABAD: Three suspects were arrested on Wednesday from Faisalabad’s Madina Town for luring youngsters to drugs and making their indecent videos.

As per a report, a 15-year-old complained to the police that a man named Bilal is involved in selling and transporting ice along with a network of drug peddlers. The teenager told police that suspect Bilal would get youngsters addicted to ice, then make their indecent videos and use them to blackmail them.

The police conducted a raid on the information provided by the 15-year-old and arrested three suspects.

SSP Operations Ismail-ur-Rahman said, “Three suspects of a network involved in selling ice have been arrested.”

“A youngster had come to us regarding complaints of porn videos and acting on the information he shared, we have taken that entire network into custody. Further investigation is underway,” Rahman added.

The 15-year-old told the police that suspects Bilal used to claim to be closely associated with police and “would sometimes say that he is the SP or DSP and no one can take action against him”.

The teenager further alleged that Bilal used to rape girls who used to come to him.