Imran Farooq murder accused claim confessions forcibly extracted


ISLAMABAD: Khalid Shamim and Mohsin Ali Syed, the two accused in Dr Imran Farooq murder case, have backtracked from their earlier statements and claimed that they were tortured to obtain confessions.

The lawyers of the two accused submitted their statements in a special court in Islamabad on Wednesday.

Khalid Shamim said in his statement that he was subjected to torture before recording his statement before the magistrate, adding that the magistrate recorded his statement on the directions of investigation officer.

Mohsin Ali Syed, the other accused, said that he never recorded his statement before the magistrate, claiming that the magistrate signed an already prepared statement.

In their earlier statements, Khalid Shamim and Syed Mohsin Ali recorded their confessional statements before the magistrate, saying that Dr Farooq was killed because he was a “potent threat to the leadership of the MQM”.

Farooq was murdered near his residence in Green Lane, Edgware, in September 2010.