Asad Umar thanks those ‘who expressed support over last two days’


ISLAMABAD: Former finance minister Asad Umar on Saturday thanked those who expressed support over the last two days since his departure from the federal cabinet.

Umar took to Twitter and said, “Want to thank the many many people who expressed support over the last two days.”

“It is the millions of selfless, ideological, passionate supporters who are guardians of the ideology of the tehreek. It’s your passion from which Imran Khan and his team draw energy. May Allah bless you all,” he added.

A day earlier, Prime Minister Imran Khan accepted Umar’s resignation from the post of finance minister.

Umar had announced on Thursday that he was stepping down as finance minister and leaving the federal cabinet after PM Imran asked him to take the portfolio of energy minister instead.

“As part of a cabinet reshuffle, [the] prime minister desired that I take the energy portfolio instead of finance,” Umar had said. “However, I have obtained his consent to not take any cabinet position.”

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday reshuffled his cabinet with Hafeez Sheikh appointed finance adviser following Umar’s departure.