‘Focus on my failures as a cricketer not as a human being,’ Umar Akmal tells off critics


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

LAHORE – After missing out on the squad for the upcoming ODI World Cup, middle-order batsman has lashed out at his critics for their ‘misplaced priorities’.

In an exclusive interview with The Dependent, Akmal advised his detractors to focus on his many failures as a cricketer instead of focusing on his many failures as a human being.

“To all the senior cricketers that have played alongside me, and the way they come on to the media discussing me, I just want to tell them that they too failed many times as human beings, which I am fully aware of,” he said.

“They should criticise me on my failures as a cricketer – and there is a decade worth of international cricket including ODI and T20I World Cups, major tournaments and massive series, to use as reference. But do not hit my personal life and talk about my failures as a human being.”

The statement comes after Akmal was panned by critics after a video clip circulating on social media showed him attending Akon’s concert in Dubai. Both Akmal and Akon were fined 20% of their respective fees for that incident.