Health ministry seeks removal of DRAP CEO


ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of National Health Service and Regulations has sought the removal of Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sheikh Akhtar Hussain in order for a fresh drug regulator to take charge for three months, Pakistan Today has learnt.

A copy of the summary sent for consideration revealed that the ministry has approached the federal cabinet and sought the removal of Sheikh Akhtar Husain from the position with effect from March 7, 2019. It further solicited the appointment to the post for a period of three months from the same date, in accordance with Section – 5 (6) of the DRAP Act, 2012.

Sheikh Akhtar Husain was appointed as the DRAP CEO on contractual basis for a period of three years on recommendations of the policy board and with the approval of the federal cabinet. He was also awarded eight additional marks for the degree of doctorate of philosophy (Pharmacy) from The Open International University Colombo, Sri Lanka. However, the ministry observed a number of complaints from different forums about fake the doctorate degree of the incumbent CEO and referred the matter to the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for verification. In response, HEC reported that as per information available with them The Open International University of Colombo is not listed amongst the chartered universities of Sri Lanka, therefore, as per policy, degree awarded by a non-chartered university cannot be recognised by HEC.

“As per clarification of HEC, Sheikh Akhtar Husain has a PhD degree from a non-recognised university, therefore, this ministry has decided to cease his working as DRAP CEO immediately,” said the summary.

It is also learnt from the summary that the health ministry has proposed a panel of three officers of DRAP who possess required qualification/experience and age limit, in accordance to the Section 5(6) of the DRAP Act, 2012 for consideration of for appointment as CEO, DRAP for three months or appointment of a regular CEO under the law.

Health Ministry has proposed three names for the position. Asim Rauf RO-14/BS-19 officer of DRAP, MPhil, B Pharmacy who has more than 21 years of service and currently his age is 51 years. Another name proposed by the ministry is Dr Noor Muhammad Shah, a BS-19 officer of DRAP who possesses degrees of PhD, MPhil, and B Pharmacy while he has more than 18 years of service and is 52 years old. The third candidate is Dr Muhammad Fakhurddin Aamir, RO-14/BS-19 officer of DRAP who also possesses degrees of PhD, M Phil, B Pharmacy and he has more than 18 years of service and his age is 46 years.