Federal govt facing worst revenue recovery shortfall, says Murad


KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah said Wednesday that the police are under the administrative control of the provincial government, but some changes made in the law have upset the administration control.

This he said while talking to media at two different places, Liaquat National Hospital where he went to inquire about the health of baby Nishwa suffering from doctors’ inefficiency and at Gulistan-e-Jauar where he offered condolence with Kashif Shaikh over his 19-month-old son Hassan’s death in a police and dacoits crossfire.

To a question, the chief minister said that the police were under the administrative control of the Sindh government, but some insertions and deletions made in the law had made the entire administrative system of provincial government on the police disturbed.

Shah said that whenever provincial government suggested some administrative changes to the police for better policing, some vested interests started hue and cry and termed it “political interference”. “Yes, it is political interference because we have been elected to power politically,” he said and added political governments take political decisions in the interest of their people, what is wrong into it,” he questioned.

He said that police were independent but it would have to take decisions in consultation with the provincial [politically elected] government and definitely such decisions would be better for better policing.

Shah agreed to a question that police as an institution was independent but “this independence doesn’t mean that they have the license to kill innocent people,” he said and added “the basic job of the police was to protect life, property and liberty of the people but what was happening seemed to be disappointing. Shah recalled that the worst law and order in Karachi was restored by the police, Rangers and Army because there was political guidance and will of the political government.

“Now, the same police have made some seven mishaps in which five innocent lives have been lost, this is because in the recent decisions political guidance and consultation have been set aside,” he said.

The chief minister said that an unarmed couple was buying grocery from a store when the policemen patrolling there on bikes opened fire on bandits without caring of the people present around them and in the vicinity. They [policemen] demonstrated within a wink of eye vacated the lap of a mother who had pinned lot of hopes and dreams  in 19-month old son,” he observed.

Shah told the media that they would be provided justice and he had told the family to register their FIR according to their wish. “I am really sorry and I don’t have words to express my feeling in the killing of your son,” he told the aggrieved father and the family. “This is a criminal negligence on the part of the policemen,” he said.

Earlier, the chief minister went to LNH where he visited Nishwa who has been struggling for life due to negligence of the doctors of a private hospital. He met with the doctor of Nishwa and told him to make all out efforts to save the life of innocent girls.

Shah also told the doctors and father of the baby, Qaiser Ali that his government would bear all the medical treatment expenditures whether it was being done here in Pakistan or abroad. “Just I want to save life the girl,” he said.