The age of social media


Sometimes my head starts spinning due to the amount of information being thrown at me by social media.

Social media constitutes of websites with application interfaces including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and many more. The social part refers to interacting with other people by sharing and receiving information via these social platforms.

There are so many people sharing, tweeting and posting all sorts of things in all sorts of mediums on a daily basis, it is rather overwhelming. Over time, a profiles friend list of followers increase and more and more updates pop up on your screen but so do one’s privacy concerns.

Sharing too much information can sometimes get you into trouble. You might share your location or any other private information either inadvertently or by being scammed which can then be used by any stranger out there. Although by now you must have been told plenty of times to think twice before posting and sharing any information on any social platform.

For one, people can take advantage of you by blackmailing you for money and asking you to do certain things; the list is long. Cyberbullying is quite common on social media which can lead to serious stress, anxiety and depression.

The other day I reconnected with an old friend on Facebook. We checked out each other’s pictures, liked each other’s statuses, planned to meet up over a meal but the plan never materialised. Social media is a flimsy substitute for actual interaction. People who are connected with each other on these platforms have stopped meeting offline. This has put an end to meaningful interactions and proper group discussions; such unsocial behaviour has affected people’s lifestyle as they are more engaged in their phones than with the person sitting next to them.

Every activity is carried out for the sole purpose of publicising and validity. Look at the beautiful lobster I’m eating, watch me feed the ducks, look at me being charitable and so on.

And then there are health problems that are solely caused by constantly being glued to your gadget. An alarming thing that we overlook in our haste for the next picture that would fetch us likes.

However, if there are problems associated with social media there are also some benefits. It can connect us to all sorts of people from different countries. The world is a global ‘digital’ village now. So, if you wish to connect with someone in New Zealand, no problem. You can send an instant message to anyone in the world.

We also find out about the latest news and updates within minutes of something happening. And if you wish to find out about something you can immediately search the whole platform and update your knowledge with the most recent and current updates on the subject of your choice.

Social media has also changed the way products are marketed. My Facebook page is full of advertisements for the clothes and stores that I like. It has increased individual customised marketing which is extremely successful in getting us to spend our money.

All said and done, social media is a lot of fun. Whether you’re young or old, you can all spend hours on it.


Written by By Rania Ali Moeen, Syeda Parizeh, Miraal Khan and Alisha Ayub.