Balakot grid station becomes garbage dump


BALAKOT: Due to lack of boundary wall and negligence on part of the authorities concerned, the Balakot grid station has turned into a garbage dump and pasture.

Despite passage of 14 years after the destructive earthquake of October 08, 2005 measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale and tall claims of the elected representatives, the boundary wall of the 132KV Balakot grid station could not be reconstructed yet.

People residing around the facility throw the wastage in the grid station turning it into garbage dump.

From dawn to dusk cattle are seen grazing in one side, in the boundary of the grid station and children mostly minors are found playing under the high tension power lines and near the installation of the grid station without fear of risk.

The local people off and on brought the matter into notice of the concerned authorities several times but no heed was paid towards the issue.

The dwellers of the area have demanded of the concerned authorities and elected representatives to take notice of the situation and also ensure reconstruction of the boundary wall of 132KV Balakot grid station before any catastrophe.