Taliban’s shadow governor for Helmand killed in airstrike


The Taliban shadow governor for southern Helmand province Sharafuddin Taqi has succumbed to injuries which he had sustained in an airstrike conducted in Musqa Qala district few days back, reported Afghan media.

The provincial government media office in a statement said credible intelligence information confirm that Sharafuddin Taqi has succumbed to his injuries.

The statement further added Taqi was wounded in an airstrike which was conducted on 1st of April close to Musa Qala market.

At least five militants including the media in charge of the group Hafiz Rashid were killed during the same airstrike, the statement said, adding that Taliban’s shadow governor for Kandahar Mohammadzai is currently leading the activities of the group as shadow governor for Helmand.

The anti-government armed militants including the Taliban have not commented regarding the death of the group’s shadow governor for Helmand so far.