Hindu girl ‘embraces’ Islam to marry Muslim class fellow


A Hindu girl, who is a student of BSc Chemistry at Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur and was reported to be missing, allegedly embraced Islam to marry a Muslim class fellow, a local news outlet reported on Friday.

The girl, who now goes by the name Aliza Fatima, reportedly embraced Islam at the Al-Jamia Islamia Madrassas Khairpur. She is yet to record her statement in court.

While the girl claims to have embraced Islam by her own free will, her uncle Santosh Kumar has expressed concerns over this. He said that the family believes that Aarti Kumari was kidnapped by a suspect named Hasnain Pathan. He said that he had submitted a request to file a First Information Report (FIR).

According to the Assistant Sub-Inspector of Police (ASP) Dr Imran Khan, the girl might have converted to Islam of her own free will to marry the boy of her choice. However, he said that following her family’s request, the police had started an investigation and had been making attempts to contact the duo.

Police said that they had also raided the residence of the suspect in the case.